Funeral Plans


One of the benefits of planning your service ahead of time is the relief that pre-planning can bring to your family. By planning some or all of the features of the service, or even by simply talking with your family about the kind of service you'd like to have, you can help take some of the pressure off of those who would otherwise have to plan the service during a difficult emotional time—and you can provide them with the information they need in order to honor and remember you in the ways you want.

Many elements of a funeral or memorial service can be planned in advance. Some of the things you make decisions about in advance include:

  • Having a viewing, visitation, or wake before your service
  • The type of service (funeral service, graveside service, or memorial service)
  • The service location
  • Who you’d like to officiate your service
  • Who you’d like to serve as pallbearers
  • People to deliver eulogies and other speeches
  • Readings, prayers, or poems for people to read
  • Music, hymns, or songs
  • The type of flowers or decorations you’d like to have
  • Having a post-service reception or gathering, and planning that event
  • The guest list for your service
  • If you want guests to donate to a charity in your name, and coordinating with the charity or setting up a foundation.

Once you have finished pre planning your funeral you can use Legacy Safeguard, a free service we provide to customers, to store these plans and share them with trusted deputies who will carry out your wishes which avoids confusion and conflicts later.  You can even make a Family Legacy DVD comprised of your most cherished photographs.  Legacy Safeguard advisors are on call 24/7 to help your family create a dignified memorial service, while also helping them avoid overspending in the midst of grief by negotiating the funeral price with the funeral homes.  They can also provide references for grief counseling, make travel and hotel reservations and get discounted floral services. 

There is no telling how your death will affect your family and loved ones. Just know that it will. When you have Legacy Safeguard standing in the gap to help support and serve your family, it makes all the difference.